-TB- General Info & Rules

-The Bay- is an adult only themed sim experience.  It is a place that breaths new life into the mundane.

SLURL: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Cats/21/208/26

*Roleplay & Socialization Opportunities To Be Had*
– Open adult theme socialization and role play opportunities.
– Many areas on the sim to meet new interests or meet others with similar interests.
– Membership only areas for that extra intense experience.

*Premier Membership Available*
– Premier Membership comes with more than that elite title…You gain special access to areas, events and rez right privileges.
– Membership is a one time fee of 350 Lindens per person.

Our members are allowed to bring guests into the VIP. areas. Simply ask Shukurimu Resident for temp entrance passes

– Exemptions are authorized for the following:
*-TB- Employment Interests
*-TB- Bloggers & All Other Artisans
*-TB- Shop Owners & Residents

Such individuals should email: conservelandscaping@gmail.com , in the email include your SL Name and we will get back to you.

*Music & Events*
– Themed Weekly Weekend Events – Times & Themes will vary.
– Live Entertainment and or DJ event once a week between the hours of 2-4 pm SLT.
– Seasonal Events (Premier Membership Only)

*Staff & Blogger Inquires & Applications*
– Please send all Blogger Inquiries to Shukurimu Resident (NomNom).
– Please fill out our online request for access. Link: (Coming Soon)

*Housing & Retail Inquiries & Applications* 
– For Housing & Store Rental Interest, please fill out our online form and we’ll review. Or send all request via notecard to Kamayari Resident (Cerberus).


– Number 1 Rule…RESPECT each other’s privacy!
– No Child Avatars and Furries
– No Fantasy Creatures – Ie. Dragons
– All Other Fantasy Forms Should Be Human in appearance. (Horns & Elf ears are allowed.)
– No Particle Emitters or Spamming Huds (Keeping us lag free since…forever.)
– Animals Permitted Except Dungeon Area
– No Combat, Griefing, BloodLines Biting or any type of Hunger Game.
– Absolutely NO advertising or Soliciting of Self or for another establishment. Prior authorization by the Owner is required.
– LANGUAGE: Be polite and respectful to others. We are all here for a bit of fun..



-Mz Marville

Interior Design Team
-Pᴏᴘᴛᴀʀᴛ (aleah.crystal)

Bloggers Mgr
-NᴏᴍNᴏᴍ (shukurimu)

Entertainment Mgr
-Rain Lyric

Sponser: https://www.facebook.com/cerberusxingmesh


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