In the jungle, the mighty jungle…

Inara’s Visit back to Makeahla Jungle

Inara Pey: Living in a Modem World

Makeahla JungleMakeahla Jungle

My apologies to Makeahla and Mz Marville. I was supposed to have posted this on Saturday, January 10th, but i managed to sidetrack myself into fiddling with other things.

Makealha Jungle is a new series of regions (three open to the public, the fourth – Another Hangout –  forms Makeahla’s own home, and may be closed in whole or in part to visitors as result) which officially opened its doors to visitors on Saturday, January 10th.

Makeahla JungleMakeahla Jungle

As I noted in my preview tour, kindly arranged by Mz Marville, who is responsible for the overall design of the regions, Makeahla Jungle is intended to be a place where people can visit and relax, take photos, etc., while also considering the natural world around us – including the l=plight of some of the species represented within the regions. In this, a particular reference is made to the…

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Makeahla Jungle

Caitlin’s Eyes on Makeahla Jungle

Caits World

Get your jungle outfit, hats, mosquito-nets and binoculars…forget snow, forget rain, forget winter and go to Makeahla Jungle!
Opened to the public per today, 4 sims of amazing and gorgeous landscaped jungle with wildlife, rivers, canyons, beaches and oh..did I mention it is four sims? With wildlife?

Makeahla Jungle 1

Makeahla Jungle is owned by Makeahla and the landscaping and terraf orming is done by the talented Mz Marville. There is, to celebrate the opening and also to memorate the extinction of the white Rhino, a photo-contest with prizes which runs till 31st January (click here for more info an rules). But if you are not into pictures or contests…your really should go visit this magnificent jungle anyway!

Makeahla Jungle 2
Makeahla Jungle 3

Makeahla Jungle  4

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Makeahla Jungle Opening! Photography Contest





*Rediscover the Heart of Nature* on 1/10/2015 at 2 pm. Actors will be present dressed as live wildlife for your viewing. Guest Appearance by Rosie Dimanovic who will be a WHITE Rhino.

We hope to mourn the loss of the WHITE RHINO. DECLARED EXTINCT: 5 Northern White Rhinos Remain in the World.See:

There are 4 sims, please keep in mind, “Another Hang Out” sim will be private after the viewing.
Please be polite and courteous, the sim rating is moderate.

Makeahla is hosting a photography contest to celebrate!
Prizes are as follows:

2,500L to first prize
1,500L to second prize
1000 L to third prize

3 entries are allowed, we are looking for artistic expression, and the feeling of fun in nature when judging. The contest is open to landscape or avatar photography. Contestants must keep in mind that any photography taken / entered, if chosen grants Makeahla Jungle authorization to use the work as they see fit.

Rules: Photos must be submitted to the flikr group below:

NOTE: We are accepting any photos taken of the sim up till the 31st of the January 2015

Makeahla and Mz Marville will be judging the enteries on Feb 1.

HAVE FUN – Please enjoy your stay

Patron/ Brought to you by
-Makeahla Resident

-Mz Marville

♦ The creators of the content utilized to decorate the sim are the the licensed and intellectual property owner.
☑: It is our policy to provide equal respect to all potential clients and visitors without regard to race, color, creed, religion, gender, sexual orientation, national origin, age, marital status, mental or physical disability, pregnancy, military or veteran status.

☑::All rights are reserved.

Rediscover the heart of nature

Inara’s Words on the New Makeahla Jungle Project

Inara Pey: Living in a Modem World

Opening at 14:00 SLT on Saturday, January 10th is a new series of three regions aimed at encouraging Second Life users to consider the natural world around us and the wildlife that inhabits it.

Makeahla Jungle covers three homestead regions, provided by Makeahla alongside of her private home, all of which offer a semi-tropical environment with sandy ground, high rocky plateaus, deep gorges and a mix of tropical and more temperate trees, in which can be found a wide range of wildlife: elephants, hippos, monkeys, crocodiles, orang-utans, lions, giraffe, black rhinos… and more, all to be discovered and explored.

Makeahla JungleMakeahla Jungle

The regions have been landscaped by Mz Marville, who IM’d me about them and offered to give me a preview tour, which I was delighted to accept. There is no overall “theme” or intent within the jungle in terms of visitor activity, other than – as noted, to get…

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Inara Pey & Conserve Rhino


meand inara2_001

Inara came to visit and learn of the purpose of the up-coming “Makeahla Jungle” a new project brought to SL members by Makeahla Resident , landscaped and designed by Mz Marville

Actors will be present dressed as live wildlife for your viewing. An unforgettable savanna experience! Landmark will be revealed an hour before the event to prevent trespassing.

Bloggers please contact me via Im if I’m online or notecard for preview/early access.