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Two Sims, One Mission

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MSCF has opened a new farm sim TODAY! March 20,2015 to the public.During this time, any photos taken should be entered into the Matoluta flikr group: .
Three entries will be picked and given 750 Lindens each, participants can submit up to 2 entries, they must be in the group before the 1st of next month to qualify and have the sim URL in the photo description , no other qualification needed. it can be a portrait or a landscape shot, I am encouraging that entries display a love for nature and focus on awareness for the preservation of wild horses.

See: for all information regarding our mission.

We hope you enjoy the new farm sim

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Founder/Owner: Conservenature Resident

Contact via Notecard Preferred
Matoluta Sanctuary was Landscaped and designed by Mz Marville
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July 13,2014

In the jungle, the mighty jungle…

Inara’s Visit back to Makeahla Jungle

Inara Pey: Living in a Modem World

Makeahla JungleMakeahla Jungle

My apologies to Makeahla and Mz Marville. I was supposed to have posted this on Saturday, January 10th, but i managed to sidetrack myself into fiddling with other things.

Makealha Jungle is a new series of regions (three open to the public, the fourth – Another Hangout –  forms Makeahla’s own home, and may be closed in whole or in part to visitors as result) which officially opened its doors to visitors on Saturday, January 10th.

Makeahla JungleMakeahla Jungle

As I noted in my preview tour, kindly arranged by Mz Marville, who is responsible for the overall design of the regions, Makeahla Jungle is intended to be a place where people can visit and relax, take photos, etc., while also considering the natural world around us – including the l=plight of some of the species represented within the regions. In this, a particular reference is made to the…

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