*BETA* Matoluta RP HUD & Saddle Club School


~*Matoluta Sanctuary*~
-Conserve Freedom-

Our RP hud is ready , come just click the sign to obtain, the notecard will explain everything you need to do.


SLURL: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Sartre/23/156/22

The RP resources are free , and we have basic rules. We want to provide a stable! Being a member of our sanctuary and being a horse means you are a stable horse or a wild horse, you decide! If you are wild you can’t have a stall, if domestic, you must be a riding horse and be subject to the stable hands and stable master. Enrolling in the RP means you have access to the following.

✔ Set home on the land, with one free stall with a name label

✔ A caring group, who does their best to be there for its members

✔ An atmosphere for horse rp , photography, enjoy, and explore

✔ A game room for hurdles and races

Matoluta Sanctuary is a public raw nature landscape.We consider ourselves a community. The goal is to provide a location where all individuals are welcome to enjoy horse life in Second Life™. Additionally, all other visitors are welcome to enjoy the atmosphere. The land is commonly used for roleplay via our equine hud, photography, exploration, and creating memories.

We have a range of friendly animals in our group, you will have fun !

Thank You
Matoluta Staff
Contact: Ursus Broono


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