SLTv Japan Live @ Matoluta Sim June 15


A message from From Himahima Collins (SLTV)

We’re excited about our first live streaming of the Sim, come be a part of he debut!
She and her crew will be filming live on June 15 10:00 PM (Japan time) and 6 am SLT (California time)

They want to advocate for the preservation of wild horses and help promote the mission of the Matoluta Sim project.

The program will be streamed live on Ustream:

hope to see you there on the sim!


*BETA* Matoluta RP HUD & Saddle Club School


~*Matoluta Sanctuary*~
-Conserve Freedom-

Our RP hud is ready , come just click the sign to obtain, the notecard will explain everything you need to do.



The RP resources are free , and we have basic rules. We want to provide a stable! Being a member of our sanctuary and being a horse means you are a stable horse or a wild horse, you decide! If you are wild you can’t have a stall, if domestic, you must be a riding horse and be subject to the stable hands and stable master. Enrolling in the RP means you have access to the following.

✔ Set home on the land, with one free stall with a name label

✔ A caring group, who does their best to be there for its members

✔ An atmosphere for horse rp , photography, enjoy, and explore

✔ A game room for hurdles and races

Matoluta Sanctuary is a public raw nature landscape.We consider ourselves a community. The goal is to provide a location where all individuals are welcome to enjoy horse life in Second Life™. Additionally, all other visitors are welcome to enjoy the atmosphere. The land is commonly used for roleplay via our equine hud, photography, exploration, and creating memories.

We have a range of friendly animals in our group, you will have fun !

Thank You
Matoluta Staff
Contact: Ursus Broono

MSCF *New Farm Sim* & Photography Contest

~*Matoluta Sanctuary.*~
-Converse Freedom


Two Sims, One Mission

For Elice For Elice2 For Elice3 For Elice4 For Elice5 Picture 1 Farm


MSCF has opened a new farm sim TODAY! March 20,2015 to the public.During this time, any photos taken should be entered into the Matoluta flikr group: .
Three entries will be picked and given 750 Lindens each, participants can submit up to 2 entries, they must be in the group before the 1st of next month to qualify and have the sim URL in the photo description , no other qualification needed. it can be a portrait or a landscape shot, I am encouraging that entries display a love for nature and focus on awareness for the preservation of wild horses.

See: for all information regarding our mission.

We hope you enjoy the new farm sim

..:Contact Information::.
Founder/Owner: Conservenature Resident

Contact via Notecard Preferred
Matoluta Sanctuary was Landscaped and designed by Mz Marville
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July 13,2014